New Adidas Crazy 8

I am surprised the direction Adidas is taking with their Crazy 8 model, this just proves that Adidas basketball sneakers can be worn on and off the court. The Adidas Crazy 8 above uses light blue and black, and throughout the sneaker looks like a plaid flannel material. More information coming soon, Via Weekly Drop.

New Adidas Crazy 8

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  1. the colorful ones are awesome it wud look solid with a bbc jacket or a button down shirt with a colorful polo sweater, although they are originally basketball shoes

  2. love these crazy 8 i have been lookin in every store i kno to find them……..where can i get them

  3. The First Ones Is Fire And The 2nd Ones Look Type Ugly But If U Got Gear Then U Would Jus Throw Dem Joints On With Sum Coogie Jeans And A Coogie Sweater…FRESH!

    Need I Say More 1

  4. i love these and i have them there so funkin different but cool at the same time lov it keep it up

  5. damm ima diggin em green, purple, blue, red , white, black, nd gray sneaka.. hehe damm i ma get em.. Na mean? izzh soo dumm kute.. can ne 1 tel me whuz the price for tht & n wher can i find em.. cuz footlocker dun got em..

  6. haha, i got the colorful ones for my last year of high school basketball season, i've been known to have the crazy shoes on the court, but these ones top my previous three years. Adidas for sure knows how to make the sweetest shoes….adidas or nothing

  7. Sports shoes are available in Algeria are all from China and you know what a commodity China
    Why do not you open factory Adidas brand that I like since my childhood I am now at 66 years of age I want to answer, please