August 13th, 2011 the residents, and visitors, of Raleigh North Carolina will be able to partake in the NC Sneaker Event.

The event will begin at 1pm and will go until 8pm. Those in attendance are encouraged to partake in all the actives such as buying, selling & trading. There will also be raffles, games and battles for your entertainment.

All other information can be found on the flyer including the admission fees, table rentals, address and contact information.


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  1. Such a fine & beautiful chick on the flyer hahaha. Chicks & kicks = an excellent combination!

  2. Nice! NC getting some sneakerhead love! We just had one of these conventions here in Charlotte the first weekend of July, nice to see there’s going to be another one next month as well, not too far of a hike from Charlotte to Raleigh either!

  3. I was jus saying i was gonna drive up to DC for Sneaker Con… but i think i will save my money for the home town!!!! This is dope!!!!