NBA Draft x Sneaker Files: Best Draft Picks of All Time Number 10 - Jason Kidd

To celebrate the 2008 NBA Draft, we have collaborated with the NBA to show the “Best Draft Picks of All Time” and their sneakers. We will bring some information on the individuals rookie season, and talk about the shoe that made the biggest impact. Our number 10 pick is Jason Kidd.

Jason Kidd was born in San Francisco, but grew up in Oakland California. After his great career at Cal Berkley, in 1994 Jason Kidd was drafted 2nd overall into the NBA by the Dallas Mavericks. Kidd was announced co-rookie of the year alongside Grant Hill.

Jason Kidd received his first signature shoe in 1995, which was the Nike Zoom Flight 95, and it so happens they Retro’d this year. The Nike Zoom Flight 95 received the nickname “Bug Eyes” due to the circles on the midsole. Nowadays, it is a little difficult to find a original deadstock pair, but many have ate up the Retro Release.


  1. whoa dem nike zoom flight 95s are sweettt for real dawg….oh fuck my dick is gettin hard off that nike shoe shittttttttttttttttt!!!!!

  2. How about commenting something worth reading? Great concept post… I'm looking forward to #'s 9-1!!! Almost picked these up but opted for the Zoom Flight 96's instead that also retroed this year. 2 factors contributed: 1) I was looking to rock em' with khaki shorts for the summer & 2) After seeing Bruce Bowen rock the bug's in the playoffs… I just couldn't go with em'! No offense Bruce!

  3. GotShoes06 said

    am June 14 2008 @ 6:03 pm

    Lebron will be topping this LIST – NOT Kobe, NOT Mike! Watch my WORD!


    Wrong try again!!!! Lebron can't be #1 all time. He hasn't been in the league that long and wont win a ring in Cleveland.

    It's easily Mike. 6 Championships in the 90's when the NBA was a "tougher" game.

    And to all you Kobe stans, sorry he can't be number 1 either, he hasn't won a ring without Shaq and is not going to be able to win 3 straight games vs. the Celtics either.

    Mike Jordan….without question.

  4. What most of you fuckers are failing to realize is that the post said:

    "We will bring some information on the individuals rookie season, and talk about the shoe that made the biggest impact."

    I hope you don't think Kobe and those damn Adidas he had can qualify as an "impact." Those shits were horrible. MJ23 is the reason Nike is where they are today in terms of "signature shoes."

    Mike Jordan…without question.

  5. "MJ23 is the reason Nike is where they are today" (NOT)(Not) Nike is the reason MJ23 is where he is today TRUST! They took a chance on his ass, and they made an investment in him! And the shoe designers took it from there. And LBJ23 should top the list because "a 1978 mercedes is nice, but a 2004 benz will out perform that shit any day"

  6. @ GotShoes06

    I said "in terms of “signature shoes" dumb-ass. Of course they were already cemented in terms of athletic shoes but I said in terms of signature shoes. If Mike had not been the greatest player of that era, the Jordan shoe line would be like the Patrick Ewings of that era. Remember this, while you making comparisons to foreign cars and shit….

    Pull out your 2004 model Dodge Magnum, Charger, Challenger or whatever "new" Dodge and put it on the line against a 1970 Dodge Challenger and see what happens in performance.

    New doesn't always mean greater dumbass. 6 Championships in 8 years in the 90’s. But I remind you. We're talking about shoes. LeBron's haven't had half the impact as Jordan's have had on culture.

    My MJ Collection>>>Your Life

  7. Yo you guys are all wrong the player with the biggest impact in shoes was and still is "Larry Johnson", Converse react juice, and Grand MaMa commercials and the second one would be "Derrick Coleman" with his British Knights LOL ! thats old way back reference for those who've been in the sneaka game since then.


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