Memorial Day Weekend Aftermath

At 9:35 am EST, a good hour and a half after the madness of the Memorial Day Weekend releases had ensued, I was starting to feel the beginning effects of PTSS (Post Traumatic Strikeout Syndrome); I was dejected, irritated, and slightly depressed. Jordan Brand pitched a no-hitter Saturday, and I was the unlucky chap that hit 0 for 3…

Memorial Day Weekend Aftermath

For those of you living under a rock, without a reliable internet connection (Wi-Fi’s everywhere, people!), Friday and Saturday brought us several high-profile releases from a few brands; we had the Air Jordan I (1) OG “Black Toe” release on Saturday morning, along with several other restocked Retro Jordan releases from the past few months, namely the Air Jordan III (3) “88” and the Air Jordan IV (4) “Thunder”; Reebok was represented by the Solebox x Reebok Classic Leather “Sturnella Militaris”, as well as the Reebok Answer 1 Retro “Black/Gold”, both dropping yesterday; Nike was represented by two Lebron James signature shoes (the Nike Lebron X Elite “Dade County”, as well as the Nike Lebron X Low “Sprite”), and Kobe Bryant’s Nike Kobe System 8 “Venice Beach”, along with a Bo Jackson tribute in the Air Trainer Max ’91 “Bo Knows”. This past weekend will most likely go down as one of the biggest weekends of the year (until the holidays, of course).

Memorial Day Weekend Aftermath

Memorial Day Weekend Aftermath

At first, I was pretty annoyed with my lack of success, but then it hit me: these aren’t the last releases of the year; far from it, in fact. There’s plenty of sneakers releasing in the coming months (the “Black Grape” Jordan V’s, the “Mambacurial” Kobe System 8, and “Black/Gold” Griffey Max 1s come to mind), some highly sought-after, some not (the upcoming Jordan Son of Mars Low “Cement” will probably not be flying off the shelves, if you’re into that kind of thing). So, while it’s never fun to fail at something, it’s only shoes people! You can also take comfort in the fact that you’ll have plenty more chances to succeed (or fail) in the near future, so don’t jump off that cliff just yet, dear reader!

Memorial Day Weekend Aftermath

Memorial Day Weekend Aftermath

While I was initially unlucky in my endeavors, I ended up stopping by my local Foot Action to see if anyone hadn’t picked up their “Black Toe” 1s, and while I was unable to grab a pair of those (I was 4th in line; there were only 3 unclaimed pairs…), I was able to scoop a pair of Thunder IV’s at the Finish Line right across the way, as well as a pair of “Grape” Jordan V (5) Retro’s that someone had returned earlier that day, so it wasn’t a total wash. If you take anything from this story, I hope it’s that you should never give up until the skinny Jumpman sings, or you’ve exhausted all possible sources, and even then, don’t let it get you down. You’ll have plenty more chances to get other sick kicks, believe that!

How did you do this past weekend? Get everything you were hoping for, or strike out like MJ taking BP? Let us know in the comments below, and please, try to keep the gloating to a minimum; after all, people are still licking their wounds (myself included)…


  1. Picked up the Jordan 4 “Breds” with ease only five people showed up as the local Champs opened its gates. Guess people weren’t feelin’ them. IDK, I got a pair though.


  3. I missed out on both shoes I wanted. Tried for the Retro 88’s online, thought I clicked on the “Add to Cart” button fast enough, but was too slow (I must be getting old). Thought I’d try to see if stores still had some pairs of Black Toes, but I was just looked at crazy and was told “Um, we had a line outside, bro!”

    My girlfriend won, cause as I was looking for my pair of Black Toes, I found some GS sizes for her.

    Had an itch to buy something, so I bought the White/Hyper Red/Hyper Blue Air Max 90’s at a 20% off sale here at Premium Goods in Houston. Still sad though.

    As for the 4’s that people were able to get so easily, I bet it’s because it still has the Jordan symbol on the heel. With all these true “Nike Air” retros being released, I think people are waiting for those versions from now on. Kind of like when the Jordan 1 “Chicago Bulls” were released in January, though they sold out in most places, I was still able to find a store that had my size, as well as other sizes too. Because it had the jumpman on the heel and NO “Nike Air” on the tongue, knowing that they may release that version in the near future, had to be the reason it didn’t sell as quickly. Just my opinion.

    Any chance for a Re-Re-release of the Retro 88’s, like this Wednesday? They did that the Wednesday after the original release in February.


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