Madfoot! January '08 Releases

Madfoot! has released their first new batch of sneakers for 2008. The new releases include the Mad Professor Hi, Mad Zone Hi and the Mad Zone Lo. Both of the new high tops feature Jordan inspired colors and designs. However, the Mad Zone Lo is overwhelming and the mixture of patent leather and snake skin doesn’t seem to go together. Available now at Eproze. Via hs.

Madfoot! January '08 Releases
Madfoot! January '08 Releases

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  1. madfoot is by far the worst of all the companies out right now, though it could be acompetition between them and greedy, cause they both suck

  2. Disagree….Greedy is nice, but these $hits r just fugly. Worst of all of them–NO question.

  3. I may be stating the obvious but the first two look way to much like the 3's, mad bootleg-ish.

    and the last pair, i dont even have words for.