Lil Wayne Supra Skytop Custom - CLVII

Arguably the best rapper alive, preformed at the BET 2009 Awards in (at the time) an unknown pair of iced out sneakers. You could probably tell they are Supra‘s, but how did Lil Wayne get them might be your second question. The Supra Skytop Customs featured were designed by CLVII of Paris and Berlin, and given to Lil Wayne for his 26th birthday. Very nice gift indeed. More pictures after the jump.

Lil Wayne Supra Skytop Custom - CLVII

Via High Snob

Lil Wayne Supra Skytop Custom - CLVII

Lil Wayne Supra Skytop Custom - CLVII

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  1. he Got lyrics, But not my favorite rapper, still listen 2 em tho.

    them ho's nice 2 go 2 a party in but not that many stuff 2 wear wittem.

  2. Lil' Wayne may be arguably the most "popular", but Weezy is not all that, lyrically. I don't even think he's in the top 20 that is alive today. I like his dress style, tho.

    Those kicks are fresh … lots of folks hatin on them, but I really like them. They are definitely not for everyday street wear, tho.

  3. he aint shizz lyrically compared to my boi cass and fabolous. lil wayne is extremely overrated…and most the things he says dont make sense and you can barely understand. but fresh kicks doh =)

  4. I would have to disagree, Wayne is far from the best rapper alive, hes moving more towards worse and the shoes are ugly too

  5. lil wayne is the best rapper alive stop hatin

    And those shoes are hard,raw,and all the above

    SO lil wayne rapping you inspire me LET THEM HATE!!!!!