Li-Ning Way of Wade Fire Monkey 4 Million Dollars

We all know the high rising prices of sneakers, but nothing has ever hit this amount. Bicion which is a lifestyle brand based out of New York has connected with Mache Customs Kicks to design a sneaker that is valued at $4,000,000.

Using the Li-Ning Way of Wade 4, the shoes are being called ‘The Fire Monkey’ in reference to the Chinese New Year.

Some might be scratching their heads on why this pair is so expensive. This is due to the amount of white diamond carats and blue sapphires in 18K gold which was added by Bicion.

In addition, a Blue, White and Gold color theme is presented throughout. On the base is floral graphic while all the parties involved has their branding on the Gold hang tag.

This is an early viewing of the Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 The Fire Monkey, but more images and additional details will be known next week when they hold a press event in New York City. Proceeds from the sales will go to Soles4Souls.

Li-Ning Way of Wade Fire Monkey 4 Million Dollars

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