Li-Ning’s Jose Calderon is quite possibly the best looking pair of kicks the brand has come up with thus far. This exclusive ‘Huskies’ pair is serious to say the least.

While the Calderon logo may be a bit much, the rest of the shoe including the loud royal blue upper is nothing short of beautiful. With such a great mixture of materials that include patent leather, mesh, rubber and clear rubber this pair is made to stand out. On the heel one can’t help but think of the Nike Uptempo logo that was used heavily back in the 90’s. While there is no information on a possible release, one can wish these would make its way to the public.

What do you guys think of the Li-Ning Calderon? Let us know what your favorite pair of Li-Ning’s are so far.

Via US10


  1. Has anybody on here played ball in any of their recent releases (last year included)…..if so, how do they handle?


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