After signing an endorsement deal with Chinese brand Li-Ning, Baron Davis has been seen balling in such sneakers as the BD-Pre. For this upcoming season, the company has prepared the BD-1 silhouette in an array of colors for Baron Davis to simultaneously ball in and help make popular. This shoe consists of a perforated leather upper along with synthetic materials that seem to make this mid-top basketball sneaker perfect for very physical play- something BD is not only used to, but also thrives at. They even come with a BD caricature/logo on the tongue strap. Two pairs alternate betwee two black/red/white colorups, while a third comes in a predominantly royal blue upper with black and red accents. Not many have been impressed by previous Li-Ning basketball releases, but is there ANY question that this is the best thing they’ve come up with so far? They definitely look like a baller’s shoe- which might make this the first one from Li-Ning to be widely distributed in the states. If this happens, you already know who’s bringing you the news.


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  1. thats sweet how they put a cartoon thing of BD on the tongue of the shoe. Where can I find a pair of these??

  2. these arnt actually that bad… theres definelty alot of potential over at li ning and if these went for 80 instead of 100 i think a lot of people would be on this. (the anime baron face on the tongue = design flaw)

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