LeBron James "Rise" - Cleveland's Response Just when you thought all of the drama from this summer was over and done with; Nike & LeBron put out an impressive ad asking “What should I do?”…

What is a Cleveland fan to do you may ask… why, make a spoof version of the commercial and post it all over YouTube of course.

In case you haven’t yet seen it, hit the jump the view the spoof and let us know what you think.


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  1. Awesome – thanks for posting this. I thought the Nike ad was over the top and self-ingratiating. This spoof was very well done. I know LJ got to do what he got to do, but could’ve handled it better methinks.

  2. Yeah he coulda handled it better, but in the end he fulfilled his contract so u can’t really hate on him.

  3. The decision show on espn was self centered, yes, but he gave all of the money to charity, can't hate him for that. Cleveland put LeBron on a pedastal, catering to his every need, they built the hype beast and now can't deal with him leaving. He held up his end of the bargain, contractually anyway, didnt win them a championship like he said, but didnt leave his contract.

  4. get off Brons dick you haters, clevelands just because there noting good about cleveland anymore

  5. that last line said it all, "I won't stop til i bring a championship to Cleveland."….what'd he do? he stopped….not championship material….i think…

  6. Did LeBron have Shaq or Gasol like Kobe did and does or vice versa, A Pippen or Rodman or Grant or Phil Jackson like Jordan, A McHale or Parrish or Johnson like Bird, A Robinson or Elliot like Duncan, A Allen or Garnet like Peirce, A Horry or Thorpe like Olajuwon, A Shaq like Wade, A Dumars or Laimbeer or Rodman or Dantley or Johnson like Isiah, A orthy or Kareem or Scott or Riley like Magic and so on…Lebron was never able to take a break during a game without criticism . He was either assisting and hoping his teammates made the shot or killing himself to do it himself. Just like Carmelo Anthony. LeBron had to do it all himself in order for Cleveland to be successful. That might bring wins but that will never bring championships…Ask the great ones before him!!!!!! NO ONE DID IT ALONE!

  7. agreed Big L, NO ONE has ever done it alone, if Cleveland really cared as much as they say they did they would have given Lebron a supporting cast. The did everything else for him, including putting him under the microscope, but they never gave him the tools for a championship. He took that franchise from the toilet(last in attendance, losing seasons)and single handedly brought them back to life.

  8. @MJC & Big L- are you fucking retarded? The Cavs had the best record last year. Antwan Jamison, Mo William, Illgalskus, Delante West, Shaq, and a pretty damn good bench.Even Michael Jordan in 1987 Averaged 37.1 and bearly won 40 games thats a bad team. LeBron Averaged 29.0 ppg an won over 60 games.Yea no support right? Jordan Had to score 40 points 10+ times to win games. So dont even say LeBron didnt have help he half assed it during the 2010 playoffs and gave up to make a case to leave.

  9. Nick you are right. Even though the team is not as interesting to watch. I still want to see how well they match up this year against other teams. If they go back to that record then we will know the team was never good in the first place. Quote the owner dan gilbert""I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA Championship before the self-titled former 'king' wins one." AND shifted our "motivation" to previously unknown and previously never experienced levels.

  10. That video sucked, people need to get a life & quit worrying about what Lebron does with his. Cleveland has a lot of good players, but no truly great players. I agree with Big L & MJC (as well as D-Wade & Lebron), no team ever won with just one guy!!! Not Mike, not Magic, no one!!! What would you people have preferred, for Lebron to stay in Cleveland wasting his prime, wait til he's old then go somewhere where he had a better chance (ie. Gary Payton, Malone, A.I., KG)?? That's pretty lame. I don't deny that it would've been great to see him win with the Cavs, but a chip is a chip they're special regardless of when or where you win them.