As we gear up for the debut of the Nike LeBron XI (11), LeBron James took a trip down memory lane during his recent trip to the Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Cameras rolling, James captured a short video of his signature sneaker collection (models 1-10) which are all currently on display in enclosed glass cases at Nike. Taking on “Blackout” motif, this collection takes us back to 2003 where it all began with the Nike Air Zoom Generation LeBron 1. Ironically, earlier this week LeBron teased what could be a Nike Air Zoom Generation retro. Could it all be true? Does Nike have plans to bring back LeBron James’ first signature model? Better yet, could we eventually see a return of every model that ever graced the courts and streets alike? We wouldn’t doubt it at the rate that James is going. What’s your all-time favorite LeBron model?

What only seems to be the beginning for LeBron, see shots of the Nike LeBron “Blackout” Collection below and stick with Sneaker Files for more developing news on this line up and more.

lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-2 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-3 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-4 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-5 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-6 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-7 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-8 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-9 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-10 lebron-james-preview-nike-lebron-blackout-collection-11

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