LeBron James Favorite Sneakers of All Time

We all have our top favorite sneakers, but did you ever wonder what LeBron James favorite sneakers are? In this short clip, both he and Kevin Durant talk about their favorite top 3 sneakers of all time.

As you probably expected, the top three sneakers mentioned in the video are all under the Nike umbrella. Those mentioned are the Nike Air Max 95, Air Jordan 11 and the Nike Air Foamposite One. All we must admit, are classics. In addition, LeBron James calls out his friend and business partner of LRMR Randy Mills for never creasing his Air Force 1s.

“He the only motherfucker that don’t get creases in his Forces,” James says. “I don’t get it.”

Below you can check out the full video which is a clip from his upcoming project with Steve Stoute. The project will also feature Kevin Durant, James Harden, Future and more. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section of their top 3.

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