Nike LeBron V 5 Fairfax PE Player Exclusive Sneakers

The Nike LeBron James V (5) sneakers have transformed into a handful of themes. Unique combinations of color, leather and packaging have upped the Zoom LeBron V to one of the top Nike Basketball statement shoes. Here is a look at the Nike Zoom LeBron V PE (Player Exclusive), made for Fairfax High School. The black patent leather toe-box and glossy leather strap lends gleaming flash to smooth color contrast.

Nike LeBron V 5 Fairfax PE Player Exclusive


  1. I notice that Fairfax High in LA get a lot of players custom nikes for the players. Does anyone know if Nike sponsors that HS?

  2. theses shits are ugly as hell they look like larry dreads ugly ya dig ya dig ya dig …..they dat foooooooooo lebron sould be slap for them assholes they look like his mother and father i wish , i can burn them

  3. lets go patriots we well be back for the super bowl and randy like them shoes i do not like them……….. and i hate my coach i quit that fucking team that stupid ass corner back cause us the game. fuck all yall report this to espn..wont somthing to talk about. call this number 786 319 0989

  4. these are ugly as hell….that red is to much, and they do look like some fake shit thats sold on 7mile(detroit ppl know wat im talkin bout)

  5. Sorry….these are not hot. I mean the shoes is a great basketball shoe and a great concept but these look like cheap replicas….I guess the colors dont blend. Maybe some nu buck ?

  6. Get off lebron dick dem shoes is hot yal just some hatas if yal got a problem wit dis comment hit me up den

  7. These are the ugliest lebrons EVER. People may pay something for these fugly pieces of shit but that just cuz they think they are up on something.

    seriously these aint worth posting for real

  8. if i wento that high school then id get them but otherwise no way what the fuck are you gonna were with em a mcdonalds uniform

  9. that leather sux lebrons sux i love denver fuck lebron and his shoes



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    a aaaaaaaaaa



  10. you could kill someone if you threw these at them…these look like a bootleg version of payless shoes…ewwww

  11. these really are wack. They do look like McDonalds shoes haha the other colorways are tite but these are fucken ugly


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