Ladainian Tomlinson Air Force 1

For the release of the Ladainian Tomlinson Nike Air Force 1 “LT 1 World” Quickstrike,  San Diego’s “Attic” and “Blends” will release 50 pairs, and 21 random pairs will be signed by LaDainian Tomlinson. Both stores will be giving away one pair with tickets to the Chargers’ night game against the New England Patriots. If you are the lucky one that receives the tickets, you and a guest will be car-serviced to the game, where you will enjoy plaza level tickets with access to the lightning pavilion!

The sneakers will release at both spots on October 12, 2008 at 2pm.

Attic will have an X Box Room (compliments of Microsoft) and some yummy food so that you can enjoy the game at the store. Early arrival at both stores is highly suggested.

Attic San Diego
920 5th Avenue
San Diego CA 92101

Blends San Diego
728 Market Street
San Diego, Ca 92101

Ladainian Tomlinson Air Force 1

ladainian tomlinson nike air force one

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  1. i will pay anyone to get me these but i most know the price i'll give away $170 to anyone who can get me these

  2. o hell yea one of my fav football players!! go san diego chargers!! and i wish i could have these kickz aha :(

  3. i live close to these shops…but deng the price is hella big for my budget…i think imma pass eventhough these kix r nice n classy…anyways GO CHARGERS!!!!!!!!

  4. the only thang that make dis force ice water is 21 on tha back.but that bolt on the side has 2 go it belongs 2 LT from the giants .

  5. Called Blends @ 9am. There was already 20 people in line. Shoes look great material is premium just Cant imagine waitin 5 hrs for these joints.

  6. Called Blends @ 9am. There was alrdy 20 ppl in line. Shuz luk great material is premium .just Cant imagin waitin 5hrs fo these joints.

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