We know, we are a little late on this, but rather than not post we had to take a moment out to show appreciation to a true sneaker enthusiasts who supports and loves the lifestyle, Kim D. Kim D comes on this freestyle speaking of the recently released Air Jordan 6 Rings, while using Kanye West’s beat “Champion”. We salute you Kim D, and keep bringing the heat!


  1. hey y'all. It's me the bad guy your one and only "HATER". Oh no not this fat bidder bitch again. Ok she kicked it alittle bit about Jordans some baller let her hold. Anyone ever seen Congo that ape movie remember the end where there battling the apes they kept coming and coming. Ladies and gentlemen. KIM D. LOL, and what she's rapping about six rings now?she needs to be rapping about a diet. Take queen latiefa's place fat ass walrus, with that hair style, she looks like a ghetto ass duck tails and excuse me if I fucked up queen latiefah name. Am not good at spelling them crazy African named and tribes oh well see ya

  2. you gotta admit the bitch is big her freestyle nice and all. But,she is the type of bitch you don't take to the movies cause the bitch eats to loud. You ever see them rings they put around the stomachs now to make you feel like your full. Fuck that put it around her neck. Stop it b4 it starts diet. Lmao, niggahater you stupid but funny

  3. hey Kim D…pay no mind to these E-thugz or E- racists…they only tuff behind the PC…anyhoo keep doing your thing ma..fo real..i am pretty sure nike or jordan brand is peeping this…and btw..i read your myspace and your from Florida!!!..you putting most of these dudes to shame with your lyrics in florida..KIM D is better than hmmmmm i say 90% of the artists in florida…keep doing you mama

  4. y'all got beef stleast you can call me on my hotline express your opinion. Believe me am all ears. And all my coons call also the number is 215 634 9577 ask for niggahater personally baby ps e-thug nigga please I'll smack your kim d cunt licking ass up better than 90% of Florida what u on crack

  5. charlesxxx23….i couldnt help but notice your comments sir…the post was about her freestyling or writing a hot rhyme about the 6 rings..which i personally dont think its a good or great shoe…we as sneakerheadz should comment about her lyrics…thats it… and by the way she spits better than plies, trina, jacki-o, ace hood, etc… i was just giving shorty some inspiration..everybody is entitled to their opinion…and you a philly cat?.. i thought yall dudes move better than this…. there are some real dudes in philly…but i guess you the one that got jumped alot in school or got that contagious strand of disease called "the bitchassness!!!!!"

  6. ^^^^^Hell ya you right about that shit, He's giving his number out cuz he want that black dick in his ass…LMAO


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