This edition of “On Court” features a key matchup between Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. No, we’re not discussing which is the better athlete, but rather who looked better in regard to sneakers when the New Orleans Hornets faced off against the Denver Nuggets on Thanksgiving Day. Chris Paul stepped onto the courts with an Air Jordan XX3 Player Exclusive very similar to the Air Jordan XX3 inspired by the University of North Carolina which was released on November 28, 2008.  On the other side of the court, Carmelo Anthony was seen wearing a player exclusive colorway of the Air Jordan Melo M5, Carmelo’s newest signature sneaker. This colorway will most likely not be released to the public and will stay in Anthony’s personal sneaker vault. As for the game, the Hornets beat the Nuggets with a final score of 105 to 101, but Anthony outscored Paul 24 to 22.  More pictures of the two pairs can be seen after the jump. Pictures via Yahoo Sports.

Who do you think had the better sneakers? Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony? Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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  2. cp3 all the way!!!! i copped the carolina xx3 on friday and i think thou the motorsports got the hype..i think the carolina is the best looking colorway…i am guessing the cp3 version is a tad darker??? either way the xx3 is a great shoe…very light and great for ball if you have a narrow foot! best jay …non-retro in a very long time! props to tinker!

  3. I gotta go with the XX3's. Those are serious!! Melo has a nice shoe this year, but his shoes aren't my favorite. I really think he should wear p.e. retro's more. I think those attract more attention than his own signature shoe.

    Chris always seems to wear retro's or current Jordans over his signature shoe. I guess I just prefer regular Jordans. Both are hot though.

  4. an air jordan beats a Melo everytime… no matter which editions you are comparing. Ever pair of melos has been a walmart JB product (i will admit that the M5 is a step in the right direction).

    The XX3 wins this one; there's no question its quality trumps the M5

  5. Out of all the ppl in these pictures i am going with the cracker with the wings on his arms wearing the hyperdunks! Jordans are great but yeah hyperdunks better to play in.

  6. 23s got to much hype and not enough shoe so gotta go with the melos! would have liked a better pic of em though!

  7. i agree with most readers when i saw the melo's are pretty whack. the AJ 23's with the baby blue soles are great sneakers however i don't like the way they last after multiple wears. the aj 23's have that patent leather toe box which looks horrible after a good 3hrs of walking in them or 1 single game of basketball.

    we need some more AJ 23's with the suede or leather toe box pronto. we need something with some vitality after a few wears

    (what else would you expect for 200$ sneakers lol)

  8. I gotta go with the 23's. The melo's are an ugly shoes completely and the colorways the 23's that Paul has on are great.

  9. the xx3 buy a landslide

    i dont really like any of the melos at all

    the only good melo was the retro 2s made for him

    those xx3 are pretty sick too!

  10. they both ok i guess. i aint into this new school stuff. 23's in my opinion look like nicer AND1's. I'd rather stick with jp/sb dunks and the older retros j's.

    but if you like it get it…cuz it doesn't matter what any nig thinks.

  11. anyone who says those melos are better than the xx3 is blind. those melos shouldnt even be on the same shelf. those are beater shoes. lets be for real now.

  12. man the 23's all the way, i have both of these shoes and the xx3's are much better on the court. Props to the M5's tho. xx3 all the way