On Saturday, Nike presented two Air Force 1 collectors 1 of 1 customized Air Force 1s to Kevin Hunter and Mayor. Kevin Hunter’s was modeled after the interior and exterior of Hunter’s Bentley. The sneakers consist of a red upper complimented by a gum sole and midsole. Yellow lining is also included along with the Bentley emblem at the heel. The box was designed to match the wood grain on the inside of the Bentley. The collaboration was spearheaded by Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, a name that fits perfectly. Via Nike Sportswear.

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  1. omg they look like crap the stiching on the heel looks really bad im sorry its a good concept but the shoe looks really bad I like the red but thats it

  2. Makes me sick. If the guy owns a Bentley he can afford to buy all the sneakers he wants. So what makes him so special that he deserves a special "in appreciation" pair of AF1's??? As usual, the wealthy and famous being given super special treatment while the everyday fans and collectors struggle to even get OG colorways released. There – had my rant for the day!

  3. these are garbage, need designers. you should hire the phillyinmiami design team!