Kanye West’s line of men’s sneakers for luxury brand Louis Vuitton aka Louis Vuitton Dons has reportedly shipped to stores and has a release date of July 1st. Sadly the Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Women’s sneakers featured by on his blog back in January 09 seems to never made it past the sample room floor. Wonder why his women’s shoe didn’t make it into production. I wasn’t in love with the sample, not a huge fan of a tassel, but ladies like their luxury sneaks too. What really would be hot is if Kanye did a matching bag and sneaker! Maybe the shoe will be released once Louis Vuitton gages how well the men’s line does. The Kanye West x Louis Vuitton line for men is pricey, ranging from $975-$1140.


  1. idk y yall keep postin bout these LV's. they're not even part of da sneaker game. u never see any1 show their shoe collection then show off sum LV's. they just dont fit in

  2. With all the respect to Kanye, he doesn't know a thing about fashion. He's become like this 'GOD' of shoes & style, but the the truth is that all of his shoes are terrible. The yeezes are fugly, not to mention the LV'S – catastrophe!!!

    Some people aren't meant to be designers.

  3. at least people will be able to walk in and buy them, instead of all you kids with an extra couple of hundred waiting on lines for a week just to make a couple more. since most of you probably dont have an extra stack to lay out , i will be waking up on july 1 and going to lv to cop mine, to wear, not resell,

  4. i think these look better than most of the guys selection.. to bad ill never pay that much for a pair of kicks any way lol. i dont have to by a pair of thousand dollar kicks to make myself happy, wen i can get sum 45 dollar vans and still be where i need to be in life =]

  5. ballashewud says:

    i agree there gay.

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