Kanye West Free adidas Yeezys

Kanye West has been very active on Twitter lately. He is either calling out others, ranting or shares some positive vibes. Today appears to be a good day for the Life of Pablo artist as he tweeted that all his fans will receive free Yeezys.

He even confirms that he has talked to adidas. Quoted from Kanye, “And yes I’ve talked to Adidas and we gon hook y’all up with free Yeezys and Adidas. All positive vibes.” Now we would just chalk this up as to good to be true, however Jon Wexler, the global director of marketing for adidas then follows up asking for names and sizes.

This almost seems impossible to do as everyone would come out stating they are a fan to receive free adidas Yeezy’s. We won’t count this out just yet and will wait and see if everyone or anyone receives a free pair.

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  1. Can this happen?!! I will write a essay on I how I am an enthusiast of his work. How I became a fan, and How I am his family.