This week has been absolutely insane with all of the Kanye West, Drake, and Teyana Taylor sneaker deal hoopla!

To end this week off correctly, we’ve just discovered a video interview between Kanye West and Tall Boy where ‘Ye apologizes to Nike and discusses his new partnership with Adidas.

To sum it all up Yeezy said:

“I’m still gonna do music, but I really do feel honored to…you know, uh have had the chance to blow Yeezy up with Nike and I really appreciate everything they did for me. And I’m not knocking them on the way out or burning no bridges, you know, I apologize for my frustration earlier. And uh, I just think it’s time, it’s go time, it’s turn up time.”

That’s a sign of maturity folks. Could this apology help Kanye West as he embarks onto a new plateau? Will Nike accept his apology, or is it over for that relationship? Share your thoughts below and keep it here at Sneaker Files for more on this developing story.


  1. If I was head of Nike, after how re reacted. I’d drop the yeezy 2 red. And then flood the market with every yeezy to come out and launch new colour ways

  2. Ridiculous! If you have to take back words, you need to start keeping your damn mouth shut!! This dude need help!!

  3. Nike doesn’t need him anyway, how many people around the world owns a pair of nike and not Adidas ? Lol

  4. He really fucked up leaving Nike yeah you may get royalties now but I bet you don’t sell shit with Adidas the only reason the yezzy was so popular is because it was exclusive if it was readily available no one would want it

  5. see I was tellin my friend poppo toi choose between kanye n r Kelly .he chose kanye . duuuuude don’t noooooooooooooooooo gurls gop 2 a kanye concert, noyhin but gurlz go 2 see r.kelly.


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