Earlier this year we got word of a K-Swiss collaboration with United Set. This past Saturday, August 29th, 2009, invited guests celebrated the release of the limited edition P&S Classic- the result of a new K-Swiss collaboration, this time with New York footwear store Partners & Spade. The launch event consisted of the August Sweat Out Ping Pong Classic- a day-long event in which guests competed against each other in games of ping pong played on a table with a K-Swiss theme. But the real prize was being given the first opportunity to cop one of the P&S Classics limited to 266 pairs. Originally released at the 1966 Wimbledon games, this reworked shoe has a stripe of bright orange near the ankle with each pair being individually numbered with an identification tag. Only certain stores such as the J. Crew NY Men’s Store and Partners & Spade have these for sale. So it’ll take you a bit more work acquiring a pair of these- but, then again, that’s the nature of limited releases.


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