K-Swiss x Julia Hederus Collection

K-Swiss has teamed up with up and coming designer Julia Hederus for a collection of limited edition of sneakers. The shoes feature the designs of Julia Hederus who adds her own twist to the classic K-Swiss sneakers and gives it more flair with its futuristic look. Each shoe features an all white leather upper, a very clean look to such a creative shoe. The collection will release at [Oki-Ni] later this year.

K-Swiss x Julia Hederus Collection


  1. I would but some shaq's b4 I would buy those. And if I see some1 wit them I will smack the s*&^ out of them.

  2. Wow, lots of ignorant posts up in this comment thread! These shoes are something different, and I give *way* more of a shit about them than anything with, say, Michael Jordan's name on it. What do you shitheads consider stylish, SB dunks from Urban Outfitters?

  3. id wear the hightop its unique, the lace-up is the one that will sell most because its the most conservative, and the low looks a litte awkward


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