Jordan XI 'Cool Grey' ImagesAfter much anticipation we have images of the Jordan XI Cool Grey.

You guys know what these are all about, so not much need for a description. Only thing to point out is the addition of the blue tinted clear outsole. Let’s hope they don’t turn yellow as quickly as the past releases.

Let us know how badly you want these.

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  1. The RD is looking towards xmas again, just like the Space Jams… retail is the same as the SJs as well @ $175.

  2. These are soo fuckin raadd! They're Ridicules! Raadd stands for Raaddicules Ha! Pretty much all the Retros from November to March of next year are a def cop for me. G.ettin F.ame K.rew

  3. i want to see the quality up close…and im done with jordan after the 13s and cool greys this year im just gonna save my money