Jordan Nu Retro Stealth/Grey and Green Bean/Black

Jordan Brand rolls out two new pairs of Nu Retros which are a mix of Air Jordan 1s and 2s. Jordan has added the stealth/grey and green bean/black color-ways to each of the pairs which have been used over and over by the Jordan brand on previous and upcoming models. What is unique about these two pairs is that the colors are inversed between the front and back. Available now on Finishline.


  1. They look alright… but I still don't like them. The colors might be a mix of Air Jordan 1 and 2, but the sneaker itself is just a low top sneaker with dunk + SB + vandal underpinnings.

    Probably make a great skate sneaker… but with so many options out there, why buy this one?

  2. The colorway works for these but still, a colorway can't help make certain kicks all of a sudden a hot pair. I'm not feeling the Nu-Retro line of AJ's and, i'n still not feeling these. 1 and a 12 stars outta 5.

  3. these are straight up WACK!

    they shouldve jus made some more retro 1's.

    like green/black/white high top i's?

  4. These are alright but I like the other Old School's,But I love shoes maybe I could give u some ideas.

    Sincerly,I'm from North Carolina