Jordan Brazil Pack – New Release Date + Official Images

Jordan Brazil Pack – New Release Date + Official Images



There’s been a sudden change in plans to the upcoming Jordan Brazil Pack. Releasing one week later overriding its original June 14th release date, the themed collection will now drop on the 21st!

That could actually be a good thing as many are still on the fence over its $500 price tag and colorway altogether. Whatever the case may be, official images are also now available to hone in on each model’s details. To note, this World Cup-inspired collection will also be accompanied by matching apparel and accessories as seen below. Which style are you going to go after?

Mark your calendar as the Jordan Brazil Pack releases on Saturday, June 21, 2014!

Colorway: Multi-Color/Multi-Color
Release Date: 6/21/2014
Retail: $500
Product Code: 688447-920

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