Jordan Blase Mid - Black / Anthracite

To continue the Jordan Brand lifestyle run, JB has released the Jordan Blase Mid in a clean black/anthracite colorway. JB is definitely utilizing black in its colorways just as it did for the Jordan L’Style One. The Jordan Blase Mid features a black leather upper with a black design pattern. The upper also sports a leather strap where the Jordan logo is placed. The upper sits atop a black sole similar to a Dunk sole, making this a very dark yet clean shoe. These jays are set to release in October, but are available now on Sneakerhead for $110.
Jordan Blase Mid - Black / Anthracite

Jordan Blase Mid - Black / Anthracite

Via Millenium.

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  1. Man JB is just gonna keep missing with the whole L'Style line up… You just can't put a Lux style on a Basketball shoe sole it doesnt work out man.. Barely ever does.. Barely

  2. @Joel it' is a casual shoe a decent one at that basketball sole what cha looking at. yall young bucks just want all retros that is getting boring. Jordan is a shoe Brand "Brand" They have to be diverse make things that will tap into different matkets people who like causual soes that they can were to work in an office with a pair of kakis and a button up shirt and look nice you cant do that with aqua retro 8's

  3. @Slimnaz, I completely agree with what you said. A few years ago I felt the same way as some other people and felt Jordan was doing too much with the different shoes and colorways, but was failing to realize that they are indeed a Brand now. It's in the name. The do have to provide a wide variety of shoes to the public…

  4. them things will cream in the toebox after a couple wears and will have you lookin at your feet like wtf. pass on these even though they are nice. i cant buy a shoe that will crease with 1 wear.

  5. Really? Blase?

    Blase:indifferent to or bored with life; unimpressed, as or as if from an excess of worldly pleasures.

    Do you think the folks over at the jordan brand could have picked up a dictionary. Those words are not something you would associate with success.

    Come to think of it, Blase is a great adjective to describe the jordan brand of late. Hey why not combine every shoe we have ever made, and re-package them AGAIN!

  6. Michael Jordain IS indiferent to AND bored with life; he is unimpressed as if from an excess of wordly pleasures.

    He is an arrogant mogul.