2010 saw a number of Jordan Brand hybrid ideas that some liked and others did not like so much. One such polarizing design was the Jordan 6-17-23, which combines two previous signature Air Jordan models that equal 23 when added together. Yesterday we caught a couple of looks at an “aqua” colorway of said design. Today, we’re able to announce to our readers that the first colorway of the Jordan 6-17-23 to drop will be the black/carmine-white pair pictured here. It will release on January 8, 2011 at a retail price tag of $145 in adult sizes. Admittedly not a fan of too many hybrids, this Jordan design is a little easier on the eye than other hybrids we’ve seen. Would you agree? Would you agree enough to purchase this sneaker?


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  1. I dont mind them, i just wish they would spend more time making new stuff then mixing old stuff together.

  2. WTF!!! is this like frankistien’s shoe! I say the only good hybrid would be them 6rings other than that everything else is wack!