Last year we saw Jeremy Scott get his hands dirty and help out with a bunch of adidas Originals releases including the JS Africa and JS Wings. Now we’d like to show you the JS Mickey also releasing as part of the adidas Originals line. This high-top sneaker includes a large Mickey Mouse head stitched along the tongue and giving it an even higher look. The rest of the shoe plays off of the popular character’s color scheme of yellow and red. Furthermore, you can see that the upper eyelets of this pair of shoes reads Jeremy Scott’s name if you look closely enough. This sneaker has begun to hit overseas retailers now.

Via Kasina.

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  1. This is exactly why Adidas and Reebok is suffering!!!!!! This BS is real elementary, no new technolgy to expand their brand and mediocore design concepts. Get a bunch of celebs to hype up a dying brand or some artists that comes up with a off the wall design and say here while all the time charging u some outlandish price. It's funny, but sad at the same time

  2. i like them they are very creative, very artsy. if you dont like them dont buy it. if you cant down it crown it.

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