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Jeremy Guthrie Retires from Sneakers (Video)

Jeremy Guthrie Retires from Sneakers Video

We aren’t sure if this is meant to be comedy or if Jeremy Guthrie is done with sneakers. The Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher uploaded a video to his YouTube account officially announcing he was retiring from sneakers. Besides the fact that he plays Major League Baseball, he has a large collection with a lot of rare gems (you can see some in the video).

Guthrie actually went all out for the video, making it look like a press conference. Instead of the media, he aligns sneakers from his collection. He goes on to say “I won’t say that I will never come back, but at this time I am really pleased with my decision.”

If this isn’t your style of comedy, you should watch the video alone just to see all the rare and PE’s he has.

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