Jay Z Death of Autotune at Summer Jam

Summer Jam sighting: Jay-Z rocks Nike RT1-Black and Red colorway. Does Jay know the RT1 is his nemesis Jim Jones’ favorite sneaker? Not likely. But if Jay bothered to check out Sneaker Files interview with Jim Jones, is all about his RT1’s. Jim Jones was spotted in these sneakers earlier this spring.  We blogged about the Nike RT1 several months ago. The shoes have some similar traits to the Air Yeezy, without the multiple colors (more classic and clean).

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  1. Even if Jay-z wore them, they still suck!

    He shoulda have worn his "Roca-Boots" or whatever they are called. ( another wack shoe)

  2. I heard Jay wanted to wear these before Jim Jones…I saw him also wearing these at the Laker game in Navy.

  3. PUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Once again another N I G G E R rapper trying to rock kicks like he's tight and sheit! GET THE F U C K OUT OF HERE GAY-Z. You would of been better off wearing flip flops. Better yet Beyonce should of made an appearance just to save your a$$ from embarrassment. Once again another jigger being sloppy! And is he trying to rock the B I T C H jeans too? or does his knots dont fit. PUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  4. @ Jigga Shutup

    Shouldn't you be shooting up a school or something. Make some friends and clip the racist commentary, Bitch

  5. For Jones to be his nemesis, wouldn't he need to matter or have more than 1 hit? Or does he rock RT1's like nanananana…Clown

  6. jim jones is no where near jay-z's level as far as music, business, and fashion go. soo all this bickering about jay jockin his swag…just kill all that noise cuz its because of jay that jimmy is even still in the game.

  7. Dat dude name Jigga shutup need to kill his self or get a life, but anyway if I was jay I would rock my on sneaker. Even tho thats my favorite MC alive, whats the use of having your own sneaker when your wearing someone elses.

  8. yo,, i was sportin the rt high, before i even heard about jim jones rockin them,,,, yo i just the tongue of the shoe,,

  9. First off all jim aint even on hovas level. N second whatsup with that ish evrybody talkin bout j. ?? Lol these people above me must not no ish lol

  10. First off all jim aint even on hovas level. N second whatsup with that ish evrybody talkin bout j. ?? Lol these people above me must not not no ish lol

  11. rt-1's are ugly they look like the mutated hills have eyes version of the yeezy's not classic and clean,but complex to the contrary the only thing really classic about these are the sole, and that sucks to. Jim is an idiot for even mentioning he wears these and jove his an idiot for wearing them (on stage at that)these shoes will be soon forgotten once the high top craze is over with. I am a nicekicks reader but they are busy with tech issues so i will post on here…