J4K Apparel - Where Are You Yeezy? T-Shirt

With anticipation building for the Nike Air Yeezy, a signature shoe designed for Kanye West, J4K Apparel has designed the Where Are You Yezzy? t-shirt. Consisting of a picture of Kanye West and lyrics from Kanye’s song “Flashing Lights”, this is one creative shirt that adds to the hype of the Air Yeezy sneaker. While no release has been announced yet, other t-shirt colors will follow once the shoe is released. Now available at The Retro Sole eBay store in sizes  S – XL for $13.99 and $14.99 for 2XL & 3XL.

J4K Apparel - Where Are You Yeezy? T-Shirt


  1. thats a dope shirt. love that lyric. "wood floors in the new apartment. couture from the stores department. you more like love to start shit…"

  2. they had an article in SOLE that said that they aren't goign to release, but there are rumours around November/December….


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