For Indiana Pacers point-guard George Hill, life is good. Why? Well, DMC Kicks has just delivered to him some of the best custom sneakers seen all year.

As we’ve highlighted all of these styles, his custom sneaker collection consists of the widely popular Air Jordan V (5) “Captain America”, Nike Air Foamposite One “Bengal“, Nike Air Foamposite One “Floridian Glow“, Nike LeBron IX (9) “Palmer“, and very colorful Nike Air Foamposite One “Easter“. Of them all, which is your favorite?

Shout of to DMC Kicks and George Hill as this custom sneaker collection is insane!


  1. Stayin Out Daway says:

    He cold blooded

  2. Aries Shabazz Jnr says:

    Dehmm Swag

  3. Matt Clayton says:

    All them shits ugly

  4. Jedidiah Orange says:

    Those Vs look so bammer! All of them for that matter but those Vs?

  5. Trevor Dunceface Roberts says:

    Wasting money as fast as he can

  6. Santiago Joseph Rodriguez says:

    William Harden

  7. Kenderick Hustlinanitnooption Swan says:

    stick to da g code jordans

  8. Alfredo Zuniga-Carrillo says:

    Foams ugly AF

  9. Cyllan SnapbackMan Little says:

    please stop, to much money, smh…

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