Han Cholo x Puma First Round Preview

Han Cholo, producers of jewelry from the city of Los Angeles, will be collaborating with Puma to release their own version of the fabled Puma First Round. This collaboration will feature ‘Han Cholo’ printed on both the upper back portion of the shoe as well as the bottom of the sole. Keep checking this blog for more information as it is released! Via HB.

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  1. 1st thing, Puma is slept on cuz everyone wanna be on Nike's and Jordan's nutz. Get some style…..It dont all have to be about the tired swoosh now. It's crazy.

    2nd thing…..those Puma joints are rock solid. I would copp if made available to me.

  2. thug4lyfe how could u hate these. Ur prolly like every other person out there that doesn't have the balls to wear sumthin different. I bet all ur jordan are red black and/or white. Thats if u even have jordans. U prolly get some Js off this one site from china and think they're legit. Stop being so fuckin close minded. All u bitches are annoying me

  3. These look dope. I haven't worn Pumas in a while because I'm pretty much Adidas/Nike footwear kind of guy, but I could get down with them….

    As long as they didn't come out the woodworks with a price tag like $159.99. Then I would have to pass.

  4. these are probably just an exclusive pair made for Han cholo just like the ricky powells from two years back. But count on this site to not only get the info wrong but also to build false hype. smh

  5. these r dope as hell…puma been doin its thing lately, between the pink/white YO MTV RAPS,and the santa cruz joints(that need to release ASAP)puma's whats up right about now