Greg Oden Signs with Nike

Greg Oden, talk of the 2007 NBA Draft has now signed a deal with Nike, even though his destination for this year is unknown either way Oden is suited in Nike’s. Greg Oden is the first from his class to sign a big shoe contract. The other big name in the 2007 NBA Draft is Kevin Durant, so watch out for some great things from both players. Via YardBarker.


  1. Greg Oden will not be as good as Kevin Durant or Brandon Wright!!!! You heard it here first. If i had a team i would choose Kevin, then Brandon. He is good but he is not polished offensively like these two.

  2. KD has better offensive skills but in the NBA size and d-fense come first. no brainer oden 1st pick of the draft

  3. Nash your a fag…and Greg Oden will be great in the NBA alot of people doubted lebron and look at what he's become…so go suck a fat one.

  4. Greg Oden will be a great player, but tell me the last time a big man had a shoe that was popular.

    KD will be a good player in the NBA as well, may not make as much of an impact, but there will be more kids looking up to KD than to Oden because of the position KD plays.

  5. Oden will be the best player coming out of this years draft. He has size and d-fense unlike KD. As for the nike deal…i cant picture anyone wearing Odens!

  6. he's a big man, and i have yet to see a big man have any success with a signature shoe. so my hopes aren't too high for oden in terms of his shoes and their popularity

  7. i hope nike makes signature version of the nike blazer for this old @ss looking mutha-farqer… greg oden looks like Wise Lebron…

    i bet bball IQ benches 185 as many times as durant… i've forgotten more about hoops than you know… slow your roll nephew.

    and to the dumb ass that said center is easy… um, let's see how your dumb ass handles a pick and roll when your man sets a pick on kobe's man, or nash's man, or parker's man

  8. first off, if you dont know anything about basketball dont say stuff thats wrong. first off, greg oden is the best player in the draft. to let some of you so called "basketball fans", kevin durant couldnt even bench 185 lbs once. im a sophmore in hs and i know kdis benching 300 lbs for 10 reps. greg oden is a powerhouse. and two greg odens shoes arnt being made to get "fresh" like you want to, they are made to play basketball in. if they are good shoes it dont matter what they look like. so yeah. and come see me on the court

  9. fella, when you good you good. These guys play two different positions so it's hard to compare. But, if you've seen durant play you know he's a baller. his size and what he might bench is not going to be a factor. This kid can ball. Think more points than Shawn Marion and a few less rebounds. On another note when Shaq was with reebok, at first, he had some nice sneaks.

  10. Greg Oden is going to struggle in the NBA. He had a hard time getting up and down the floor due to his size, and its only going to get worse. If you watched them in the tournament, Oden couldnt keep up with the pace of the game and got into foul trouble because of it. I have to give the advantage to Durant. Oden is going to be a victim of being too big for his own good, and his body won't be able to recover from the wear and tear.


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