Back in the spring season, we brought you a look at some of what the Greedy Genius team had in store for this holiday season. We showed you what many will argue is the best of the brand’s silhouettes to date- the Ocean Runner- in a navy blue and a black colorway. We now have word that these will be a part of the “Yacht Club” collection Greedy Genius plans to unveil this holiday season. Along with the two aforementioned pairs, other Ocean Runners in red and in brown, for example, will be included. So check us out after the jump for the latest “Yacht Club” pictures and Ocean Runner previews.

Via HighSnobiety.

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  1. Didn't Rick Ross have a line like "I'm the Greedy Genuis no refrence to them ugly clothes" on his song Yacht Club???

  2. This is nutz that they're called "Yacht club" which is a song on Rick Ross album. On that same song Ross says "I'm a greedy genius, no reference to them ugly clothes." lol