Anti-leisure brand Greedy Genius has created a niche in the oft-convoluted lifestyle market by manufacturing designs in color schemes and with materials that few companies would dare implement. The Apache Onyx, a Jordan V Low-inspired product, features nubuck, 3M, mesh, patent leather, and a translucent outsole. Couple this with a black/grey/yellow/red/purple color scheme, and the Onyx is indeed a product that few others would have the gall to replicate. For more, please check out Greedy’s official website.

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  1. Yah thats what i was thinking like some fake fives aha. Like the big five tounge icy sole etc…. the side where the web usually is.

  2. These are some ugly ass ripp off type kicks,wannabe this shoe and that shoe ,but cant be there own shoe …..

    flush these down the shitter, pronto…….

  3. lol at Yo Yo Yo.. i thot the same thing..

    basically GN$ ripped off the fivez body n made it hella ugly.

  4. Look at the Greedy Genius employees putting some hype on their own product. Guarantee no sane consumer would ever say this shoe is nice.

  5. whoever made these needs a nobel peace prize.Everybody else don't know what they talkin bout. I would most definitely copp some of these.Quick fast like comcast.