Goonies x Puma Disc Blaze

Anyone who grew up around the 90’s must remember the movie The Goonies, a dramatic tale of kids thirsting for the taste of treasure, but ending up running into pirates. The movie manages to incorporate some of its elements including a skull theme along with hemp. 23 years, its pretty surprising to see this one time silver screen movie being remembered in the form of a Puma Disc Blaze. Via Ken Lu.

Goonies x Puma Disc Blaze
Goonies x Puma Disc Blaze

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  1. shiiiitt…..i remember the goonies. one of the best movies ever. i don't think half these youngsters even know what this movie is. damn, that makes me feel old.


  2. Need better pics, but it seems like there is a lot of hate out for these judging by the 1.2 vote. Ouch. One-eyed Willy would do the truffle shuffle for a pair of these double O zero slick shoes.

  3. 90s???? This movie came out in the mid to late eighties. Pirates?!?!? I give up.

    Oh yeah, them kicks is nasty. In a bad way.

  4. WOW!! Man, I remember the Goonies…….it's the Puma disc that I'd forgotten all about!!!

  5. okay .. the goonies deserve respect .. cause movie is just a classic .. i mean come on .. but these kicks are not cuttin it .. smh @ them .. puma discs = no bueno

  6. dont diss i have these kicks there awesome. Jk what in the name of all thats holy are those!! i have a pair of famous stars and straps future grey high tops btw they rock :)