It is always nice to give back and one man did exactly that by going on the streets of Compton, CA. and giving away pairs of Air Jordan’s.

YouTuber BigDawsTv is seen in this video approaching random people and giving them various colorways of the Air Jordan 1. He would also provide a receipt just incase they didn’t fit or they are not a fan of the look.

We would rather watch this video of the stepping on Jordan’s prank video we showed you not long ago.

Giving Back: Man Gives away Air Jordans on the Streets of Compton


  1. Yea thats his Deeboi what kind of fucking name is that but yea that is his plan to get him killed ur right u dipshit

  2. A good deed from this dude, but the ones talking U0001f4a9 never done anything like that or ever will !!!
    God bless & pay no mind to ignorence

  3. Eking Zoesilent great guy to do that to help community… God bless him… Not many people can do that…

  4. Fu** all the BS. This is a great video with a message. Giving back, helping those in need. None of us would do this.. we are too busy trying to complete our lists.. Good Karma for his actions. The world needs more people like this.


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