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Galaxy Nike Foamposite Causing Riots and Craze

Galaxy Nike Foamposite Causing Riots and Craze

Tomorrow, the Galaxy Nike Foamposites are hitting select retailers in very limited quantities. Sadly, since this is the most hyped and desired shoe of 2012 (so far), you can assume chaos is bound to happen.

One act was shot by sneakerhead @itsADOLLA. The cops were out in full with helicopters and threatening the use of tear gas. This took place in Orlando Florida Mall with an estimated crowd size of 3,000! Check out the video below.

FootLocker Unlocked wrote on their blog about several stores canceling the All Star Pack release for this weekend:

Update 2/24,1:30am EST: Due to safety concerns, we are canceling the All-Star releases this weekend (product list below) at the following Foot Locker House of Hoops stores: Florida Mall, Pembroke Mall, University Mall in Tampa, Southlake Mall and PG Plaza. Our priority is the safety of the community. Thank you for your understanding. Please check back for additional updates. This does not affect online releases.

At our local mall (Arden Fair Sacramento), about 200 people were in line with it growing fast. Arguments broke out, and a fight. Police were present with a few security guards which were handing out numbers, and doing a terrible job at crowd control. In my opinion (and I am sure others that camp out at Arden Fair Mall), they need more security guards that know how to use what little authority they have.

The craze has also spilled online. People are making posts on Craigslist and twitter offering “special favors”, willing to trade a car and leasing their souls for 6 months. More than likely the posts are fake (maybe not the car one) but for someone to go through this much trouble makes you second guess.

Leasing Soul for Galaxy Nike Foamposite

Special Favors for Galaxy Nike Foamposite

BONUS: Guy proposes to trade his cats for the Galaxy Foams, but this seems more like an upset rant (we understand where you’re coming from).

Trade Cats Galaxy Nike Foamposite

If you tried to get them, or are camping right now, share your experience below. On a side note, the cheapest pair on eBay we saw was for $800, but I am sure we will see prices hit the $2,000 amount.

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