Flu Game Air Jordan XII 130690-065
The official release date of the Air Jordan XII “Flu Game” is on November 28, 2009 (the day after ‘Black Friday’). Our friends at Uptempo Air received an early shipment in full-size-runs of both Youth and Mens sizes. Mens pairs are priced at retail with free shipping and Youth sizes are priced $5 under retail with free shipping. Via UTA

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  1. ummmmmmmmm what are you talkn about he most certainly did wear these against the Utah Jazz when he had the Flu…..Get your Knowledge up SON!!!!!!!

  2. i think U.beezy is referin' to the idea of this version havin' that suede/nubuck material instead of it bein' all leather (like the one jordan wore, i guess).. they aight to me

  3. people get these if you dont you will have to wait about 6 or 7 years and your OGs and 03s will be dogged.

  4. Sweet. I was hoping they would so I wouldnt have to camp out like I did last year for the Wizard XX3s! If they get more sizes and have a size 12 on friday when I get paid….I'm coping!

  5. i got mine off uptempoair they should be in tuesday i gotta have dem b4 they hit da store!

  6. Go to citysole.com! They are legit and they have about four sizes left. 7.5, 9, 11.5, 12, 13

  7. hahahhahah these have been released early here in the uk from the start off da month lol already played 4 games in them hahahaa