First Look: Jordan CMFT Max Air 12Today we bring you a first look at the Jordan CMFT Max Air 12.

It is an obvious hybrid of the Air Max 97 and the AJ12, and the two shoes seem to have been blended pretty well together. Despite what most Sneakerheads think, Jordan Brand is going full throttle on the hybrid theme.

Retail will be $135 and will hit stores 11/06/10.

Let us know what you think after the jump.

First Look: Jordan CMFT Max Air 12

Via Jumpman23

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  1. I hate the Jordan + Air force one fusion…

    But I really like the fusion Jordan + Air max…12,11, & 10 even the 9 sample

    Idk it's just something about them.

  2. Damn! Nike loves destroying its flagship shoes! First they messed up AF1's with the Fusions now they on the way to messin up the Air Max's! I wonder whats next……. WACK!!!!

  3. again i say, call it a HYBRID" and it gets love…

    Call it a "FUSION" and it sucks a$$…

    make up your mind people….

    this shoe is GARBAGE