Fall of Rome x Nike Air Force 1 AFIV

Pictured above is a pair a ultra exclusive pair of Nike Air Force 1‘s made specifically for Lupe Fiasco’s brand, Fall of Rome. The sneakers consist of a black patent upper combined with a gold swoosh. It has been reported that this pair of Air Force 1’s is made with Supreme execution and materials. Unfortunately, these sneakers are made only for Lupe Fiasco’s line and rumored to be only 4 pairs in the world. Via hb.

Fall of Rome x Nike Air Force 1 AFIV
Fall of Rome x Nike Air Force 1 AFIV

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  1. one of the cleanest pairs of forces i've ever seen! too bad these are so fuckin limited, because i want a pair.

  2. Anybody who has anything negative to say about these should really jus shut the hell up… I hate forces and I love these!!! Wish it was more of em.

  3. lupe is one of my favorite rappers but he getting on my nerves with sneakers. First the chucks now these he not letting anyone get his sneakers

  4. Yup Lupe is serious alot of people dont know hes underated but yet one of da best in da game yeazzerd