etnies looks back at one of their classics, The Rap and will be re-introducing the sneaker into the market with some revisions. The 2009 version of The Rap is available in low and mid top form with the release of the RVL (Rap Vulc Low) and RVM (Rap Vulc Mid). The RVL is slimmed down to a low-top and consists of a vulcanized outsole. Some of the special features mentioned in the video include System G2 and STI Foam for optimal comfort and protection. As for the RVM it is also sports a slimmed down look with a new silhouette that is a mid-top with System G2 and STI Foam. For a complete look at the whole collection check the jump.

Via etnies.

etnies Re-Creates The Rap

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  1. Don't f*ck with a classic. Leave the Rap and MC Rap alone! They were fine the way they were. Screw these emo vulc looking clown shoes.

  2. Wack!!!!

    Hey just letting you guys know that I'm selling some nice kicks on the Bay.

    My id is sneakerfreaker06 so just search for me under the advanced search section next to the regular search bar. Thanks for looking and y'all have a good day!

    -Thanks again and send any questions to bay account