Enstrumental 2007 Fall line

About 5 months ago, Sneakerfiles brought you an in depth look at Chicago based clothing line, Enstrumental, Most known for their political expressive message through their Obama T-shirt But now Enstrumental has more than just a message for each t shirt of this falls line.

“We wanted to tell a story with each T-shirt by blending positivity and creativity being unique as apposed to just having something so simple like porn figures on a T-Shirt and not to hate on the other lines but let your T-shirt tell a story or have a message”

Enstrumental has done the Magic Market place in late august and has continued to provide the innovative definition that they have stamped on each T-shirt by starting off from a local line to a nationally known entity by doing business in San Francisco, Philly Atlanta, New jersey, Miami and New York, FTK store in Fresno spots in Denmark, Japan Hong Kong, Tokyo , Salt lake city, Utah and will continue to revolutionize urban fashion in a city near you.

Enstrumental 2nd fall line is now available.

You can purchase Enstrumental Apparel at:
Jugrnaut Chicago

Or call the store at (410) 258-8876, or (708) 646-4342

– Wreckinkickz

Enstrumental 2007 Fall line
Enstrumental 2007 Fall line
Enstrumental 2007 Fall line
Enstrumental 2007 Fall line