Emerica X Bishop Don Magic Juan

Bishop Don “Magic” Juan has joined with Emerica to design the McNally. The mixture of green/brown and croc skin gives the sneaker a “pimp” look. Via 7 Inch.

Emerica X Bishop Don Magic Juan
Emerica X Bishop Don Magic Juan


  1. If anyone knows where to gets these e-mail me they did only come out 9 days ago so it might take a couple months for them to show up online and in stores but these are some sick shoes!

  2. yoo i need these in a nine like asap there so nice some one i m me if they no where to get them id appreciate it so much my sn is


  3. If there is anyone interested in "Emerica X Bishop Don Magic Juan", you guys should contact me through my email address: [email protected], just email me with your sizes and I then sell em to you thru…anyone interested, hit me up.

  4. revision: Those interested in the "Bishops", should contact me thru my email addy with your shoe sizes. I have a friend, whose an owner of a skateboard shop here in the US, SC to exact, who im able to get the shoes from….the addy is: [email protected] (for those who are serious). If anything just hit me up with questions or not. b-e-z yall.

  5. Im wearing these right now. i feel godly, like i just gained twenty pounds of muscle. THEY ARE SICK!!

  6. Hey There; i would pay big money for a pair of the bishop's sneaks. i need a size 10 or an 11. cuz i kin put pads if its an 11. i live in chi-town (chicago) if anyone there has them send me an e and hook me up. i am serious and only want serious replies/ later on/ nickname is sparkles

  7. I really want the Bishops as well…i could go for a

    11 1/2 but 12 would be fantastic to!!!

    if anyone knows where i could get a pair you should let me know.


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