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Ektio Footwear. Is it Legitimate? + Video

An ankle sprain, arguably the most common injury in basketball play, has been an issue that many footwear companies have aimed to address and solve. One of these companies is Ektio, a relatively new footwear company trying to make a mark in the footwear industry in a big way. Ektio footwear has boasted about its line of sneakers designed to stop ankle sprains completely including the Ektio Wraptor. You may have seen former New York Knicks player John Starks promote the ability of Ektio footwear for competitive play. He and Dr. Barry Katz, the founder and CEO of Ektio, will both be seen in the video. Is Ektio basketball footwear legitimate? Check the video after the jump and enjoy the interviews.



Brian Betschart
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