Last night, the Miami Heat faced the Indiana Pacers at home, where those in attendance or watching at home might have noticed something previously unseen on the feet of Dwyane Wade. While fellow team Jordan Brand member Quentin Richardson wore the red/white Air Jordan XII that released last December, Dwyane Wade wore a pair slightly more personalized. When someone on Twitter pointed out that D-Wade had rocked red/white XII’s, the NBA superstar replied, “Yes I was. Wit a lil touch of miami gold-orange. Hottness.” If you look closely, you will notice the Miami Heat touches Dwyane Wade alludes to on the outer and inner parts of the shoe- just above the sole. Moreover, you can distinguish between the teammates’ AJ XIIs because Richardson’s comes with black ankle lining, while Wade’s comes with red ankle lining. Many NBA sneakerheads had been waiting for a while to see number 3 play more often in signature Air Jordan silhouettes, as opposed to just models like the AJ XVI.5- hopefully there will be more where this came from.

Photos via YahooSports.