DVS Huf 5 Runner

Huf might be on the low for sneaker collaborations, but the silence has broken with Huf and DVS teaming up on the 5 Runner. Keith Hufnagel has taken the traditional DVS 5 Runner and added more padding, which gives you a better fit for the Summer sprints. Besides the Black – White – Neon Yellow pair pictured, a Black and Purple pair will release in the next couple of weeks. Via Complex.

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  1. what the hell are you talking about? DVS and Huf made this shoe together. There is no such thing as a DVS 5 Runner…that whole bit about extra padding is total BS. Man this site is worthless for info. If you don't got the facts don't make shit up!

  2. douche? Read my comment if you can first.

    They said that huf took the traditional dvs 5 runner and added more padding to it. There is no such thing. get your facts straight – both you and sneakerfiles

  3. Direct from DVS website:

    "If you are constantly traveling or simply want something to wear when not skating, then comfort is the first priority. The new HUF 5 runner goes above and beyond by providing the utmost comfort with its new shape, REDUCED padding, and improved fit."

    Looks like Debby Downer up there was 5% right.

  4. Eps,

    That is making reference to reduced padding, improved fit, and new shape from the Huf 4 Runner that released last year.

    There is no such thing as the DVS 5 Runner – its a silhouette that Huf and DVS put together.

    I guess the bottom line with that quote it just proves that whoever wrote this article was speaking out of their ass.

  5. This is not a am 1 ripoff, but air max light rip off, also called am2, but it's still a dope shoe, and not so commercial as nike