Draven Tank High - Black / Purple
Draven Shoes, known for it’s rockstar-esque style, brings us a new model, the Tank High. The upper consists of patent leather, perforated leather, and suede. If you look closely, you can see that there’s a block pattern stitched into the patent leather. These sneakers are exclusive to Journey’s online and in-store, and will be releasing in July of this year. Retail is only $75.00, so these Tank Highs surely won’t break your pockets.
Draven Tank High - Black / Purple


  1. sort of a ghey combination of purple crock skytops and vaiders.

    it makes me proud to see a company so set to jock ideas, that they take elements from TWO shoes from the SAME company. nice.

  2. damn… these are some vaider ass knockoffs… it seems more like a fagbag combination of punkrose/vaiders to me..