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Distinct Life Dry Goods X Reebok GL 6000


Reebok is taking out all of the stops this year! They just re-released The Rail sneaker model, and are already giving us more dope kicks. The sneaker company is now pairing with new brand, Distinct Life Dry Goods for a sneaker project. The Distinct Life Dry Goods X Reebok GL 6000 is a sneaker with navy leather and mesh upper, with khaki accenting throughout. Detail is everything with these kicks, when combined with the coordinating DLDG shirts, hoodies, and more! The sole seals the deal with it’s two toned, khaki/white combo. These drop exclusively at Burn Rubber -Detroit, on Valentine’s Day, but will see a limited release a select retailers on February 28th.

distinct-life-dry-goods-x-reebok-gl-6000 distinct-life-dry-goods-x-reebok-gl-6000 distinct-life-dry-goods-x-reebok-gl-6000

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